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Saya Natural Skincare is literally the best thing I have ever fed my skin. The ingredients are divine, the prices are awesome and they are lovingly handmade. I would not use anything else on my skin. My man-partner uses the products too - that’s gotta say something!
— Alli Holmes

saya skincare

Certified organic botanical skincare created on the shores of Noosa. 

Purely plant based, Saya Skincare uses unique and advanced formulas to produce results only thought possible with synthetic ingredients. Saya Skincare harnessing the power of organic Australian Native Botanicals to combat problems with all skin types. 

The Saya Skincare range uses a Native Extracts blend from three beautiful Australian signature trees to keep your skin looking radiant and younger for years to come. These amazing Native Botanicals are naturally rich in powerful actives to promote healthy and balanced skin. The result is a wide range of purely plant based organic skincare that performs synergistically with your skin; encouraging it to naturally balance and heal itself.

Natural, organic and respectful of the coastal environment, SKIN & CLAY is proud to bring Saya Skincare to Lennox Head. Come in and talk to us about how Saya Skincare can transform your skin or book a Saya Organic Native Facial. Your facial will boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and will open your skin the reap maximum benefit of the product.